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Privacy Policy

Banca Sella Holding S.p.A refers to the data protection and confidentiality legislation in force in order to protect its users' right to privacy. By means of this document, we help you to comprehend which data we collect and how we use them.

Privacy Policy Note

The Note being disclosed pursuant to article 13 of the Italian legislative Decree no. 196/2003 - Personal Data Protection Code informs whoever interacts on-line with Banca Sella Holding S.p.A. web services, starting from corresponding to the Banca Sella Holding S.p.A Website Homepage.

The indications stated below have been inspired by the Recommendation 2/2001 adopted by the European Personal Data Protection Authorities brought together in the Working Party set up under article 29 of the Directive no. 95/46/EC, on 17 May 2001, to define certain minimum requirements for collecting personal data on-line and particularly, the ways, time periods and nature of the information which the data processing controllers have to provide users with when connecting web pages, irrespective of what the connection purposes are.

Data Processing Controller

The Processing Controller of the personal data collected is Banca Sella Holding S.p.A., having its registered offices in Biella, at Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 1.

Data Processing Location

The data being related to the web services on this site are processed at the Banca Sella S.p.A. registered offices in the Banca Sella S.p.A. Corporate Data Centre. This is located in Biella/Chiavazza, at Via Milano, 1, as well as in the Banca Sella S.p.A. registered offices, at Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 1. Banca Sella staff take care of the data as 'persons entrusted with data processing'. Alternatively, officers from Banca Sella Holding S.p.A. having been designated as responsible for processing by Banca Sella S.p.A. (the controller) take care of said data.

The Customer Care service is provided by operators based in Italy, as well as by a company pertaining to the Gruppo Banca Sella and being located in Romania. This respects the appropriate personal data protection levels.

The personal data provided by users, including those concerning information material requests, are solely used to perform the service being requested and are only disclosed to third parties if this is necessary to this end.

Kind of processed data

Navigation Data

The IT systems and software procedures for operating this website collect, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implied in using the Internet communication protocols.

This data category includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers being used by the users that connect to the website, the addresses of the requested resources with Uniform Resource Locator notation, the request time, the method using to submit the request to the server, the response file size, the number showing the server response status (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user's operating system and IT environment.

These data are solely used to obtain statistical information about the website use, as well as to check that it works properly. The aforementioned data could be used to establish liability in case of computer offences against the Banca Sella S.p.A. website or the Banca Sella Holding S.p.A. responsible entity or other websites being linked or connected to Banca Sella S.p.A. customers. They are stored for the time periods laid down in the relevant legislation.

Data being voluntarily provided by the user

Sending emails to the mailboxes stated on this website in an optional, voluntary and explicit way involves the fact of subsequently acquiring the sender's email address – which is necessary to reply to his/her requests – and any other personal data recorded in the email message. In the web site pages intended for particular services on demand some summarised Privacy Policy Notes could progressively be published or pop-up.


Cookies are small text files being sent by a browser and enabling the website to store the users' preferences, too. Cookies are not all equal and differentiate according to their performed function.

An user can disable or accept cookies by appropriately configuring his/her browser. Depending on this, navigation could be difficult and some website sections or functionalities could be unavailable.

Our website uses the following kinds of cookies:

- Session cookies: these are not permanently stored in the computer and are deleted when closing the browser. This kind of cookies allows the session ID data (being made up of random numbers generated by the server) to be transmitted, as well as the portal to be optimally used.

- Persistent or static cookies: these are solely used in an anonymous form to obtain statistical data on website visits unique identification. In addition, there is the possibility that these kinds of cookies are associated with the user's data for fraud prevention purposes.

Configure/Disable cookies
In order for the to properly operate, we advise you to keep the cookies enabled.
Should you wish to disable them, you can do it by configuring your browser.
For information about how to configure these settings, select your browser in the list below:

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We inform you that we can't guarantee you that all the components of our website work properly if you choose to disable the cookies.

Optional nature of data provision

With the exception of what is stated for navigation data, the personal data the user provides us with using the dedicated request forms in the website sections intended for this purpose. Failing to fill out forms or web pages could render it impossible to provide what is requested.

In some extraordinary events, for the purposes of controlling personal data processing, the Authority may request information pursuant to article 157 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. In the above events you mandatorily have to reply or you will incur an administrative fine.

Way of processing

The data is processed by means of manual, IT and on-line instruments using logics that are closely related to the purpose for which they have been collected. Specific security measures are complied with to prevent data loss, unlawful and incorrect use, as well as unauthorised access.

Link to the general Privacy Policy Note (in italian language):

Privacy Policy Note for customers pursuant to article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no, 196/2003 ("Personal Data Protection Code" or "Privacy Code) »